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Chefs Club is a culinary infrastructure provider that offers Chefs the opportunity to operate their own restaurant without any of the usual obstacles: 


As the cost of rent continues to skyrocket in cities around the world, it’s only becoming more and more difficult to obtain an ideal location for your restaurant. Because so many people- especially our landlords- believe in our financially secure concept, we have been able to add locations in some of the most sought-after spaces around the world. Visiting chefs have the pleasure of working on a generous profit- sharing that completely eliminates the cost of rent. 

Our fine dining location in Aspen enables high-end Chefs to test new concepts, allowing their unique style and personality to shine through.

Chefs Club Counter is the first-of-its-kind counter-service space that offers a “fine-fast” concept from Chefs Club and offers a quick and affordable option for customers eager to taste popular dishes from some of the world’s best chefs in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.


In the fast-paced restaurant industry, it’s a constantly revolving door. Chefs Club is able to offer highly competitive rates to its employees, making its retention rate one of the highest for any restaurant in New York City. Visiting chefs may bring as many or as few members from their home team as they wish. We will make up the difference with our core staff of highly-trained and dedicated professionals in both the front and back-of-house. Because our menu and style is constantly changing, we recruit staff at an exceptional level of versatility and skill.


We love being in cities that have access to the highest quality and widest range of ingredients, whether local or imported. From the day of arrival, our Kitchen Management team will work hand in hand with the visiting chef and to ensure that the right products are being sourced from the right purveyors. No ingredient is too obscure for us—we live for a good hunt.


Since our inception in 2012, a core following of Chefs Club fans has developed around a simple two-word question:“What’s next?” Our email database sits comfortably at over 120K subscribers whom we communicate to via announcements, newsletters, and special promotions regarding all of our locations. Our social audience is over 70K. The visiting Chef and their team will direct and control all aspects of their venue’s communications, with Chefs Club’s brand marketing team to support.

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