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09.13.19 - 02.29.20

Farmacy Kitchen grows, makes, and serves transformational food. Organically and biodynamically prepared, every dish is a celebration that is whole, healing and delicious. 

Hours & Location

62 Spring St,
New York, NY 10012



Monday - Thursday:
10 AM - 12 PM Breakfast
12 PM - 5 PM Lunch
5:30 PM - 10 PM Dinner

Friday, Saturday & Sunday:
10 AM - 5 PM Brunch
5:30 PM - 10 PM Dinner


Chefs Club Counter is a fine-fast restaurant where chefs from around the world take turns heading up our kitchen. We pick one rising star chef to curate our menu, design our space, and offer you his/her unique dining experience for an extended period of time. We look forward to welcoming you!

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